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I am interested in making environments, with the goal of creating a space for the viewer/audience to physically inhabit through a multi-sensory experience. I am passionate about facilitating experiences in my personal life and through art. I find it incredibly fulfilling to promote a positive social or self-reflective space in which individuals are able to take a step back from their everyday lives and connect to something larger than themselves. I have been subconsciously incorporating environmental design into my everyday life; curating positive experiences for my friends and clients. I do not believe that installation or immersive environments should be limited to the fine art world, because in many instances it can be used as a social device and can be approached more casually. I hope to create/facilitate spaces where all people are able to mingle, network and have an overall positive social experience, make new connections, and become immersed in the energy of creation and congregation.


My approach to each creation is vastly different in terms of materials, planning, and execution. I enjoy working with a wide variety of materials in large quantities, most commonly recycled or found objects. I am a strong believer in milking something for all it is worth before putting it to rest, but in my art a resting place for the materials can be made to be something wondrous. 

 Artist Statement

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